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from Vans Vans Textured Waves Colfax Sandal (Bombay Brown) from Vans

Price at Vans: USD 90.00

from Vans
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About Vans Textured Waves Colfax Sandal (Bombay Brown)

The ocean means something different to everyone. For the women of Textured Waves, it represents a renewed self-acceptance and self-expression that brings them back to their natural state, reconnecting them to the fabric of this earth. It means creating a safe and inviting space for women of all shades riding the waves. It means drawing on their shared love to inspire social change. Vans and Textured Waves have teamed up to capture that energy and pour it into a new collection, built from the gro

Price at Vans: USD90.00 from Vans

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Shoe $6.95
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T Tops and Bottoms $3.95
Backpacks $6.95

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