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5 out of 5 stars (1 vote)

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Shop at UNIQLO. UNIQLO - very popular Japanese brand for quality clothing for women, men and kids.


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International Delivery Details

France 2-3 working days £7.50
Germany 2-3 working days £7.50
Ireland 2-3 working days £7.50
Italy 3-4 working days £7.50
Spain 3-4 working days £7.50
Austria 3-4 working days £8.50
Belgium 2-3 working days £8.50
Denmark 3-4 working days £8.50
Luxembourg 2-3 working days £8.50
Netherlands 2-3 working days £8.50
Portugal 4-5 working days £8.50
Slovenia 4-5 working days £8.50
Sweden 4-5 working days £8.50
Finland 4-5 working days £10.00
Greece 4-8 working days £10.00
Poland 4-5 working days £10.00
Slovakia 3-4 working days £10.00



Reviewed by: ClaireT, Jan 23 2019 12:00AM

Location: Japan
5 out of 5 stars
Quality T-shirts and warm layers. I've been shopping at Uniqlo for years. Bought thermal ski layers here years ago that are still as new.

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