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Tokyo Laundry
Tokyo Laundry - British heritage meets vintage Americana. The core collection is complimented by a comprehensive range of T-shirts, shirts, jackets, distinctive denims and underwear bundles for both men, women and children. The focus on vintage prints, unique embroidery techniques, and distressed appliqués adds character to the garments, while the range of shirts, jackets, sweats, knits, and accessories offers versatility for various styles and occasions. Tokyo Laundry is designed exclusively in England. It uses quality fabrics and vintage laundered washes, contributing to its unique brand identity. Tokyo Laundry offers a fresh take on collegiate lifestyle fashion, appealing to a wide range of age groups with its blend of cultural influences.

Shop online at Tokyo Laundry

Tokyo Laundry International Delivery Information

To check whether Tokyo Laundry delivers to the country you want, select your delivery country here:
Please limit EU orders to a maximum £125. If you wish to make a larger order, Tokyo Laundry recommend splitting into smaller (max £125) orders.
Tokyo Laudry Delivery Information
See website for more information.

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