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Pooch & Mutt – Slim & Slender - Economy Pack: 2 x 10kg from Pooch & Mutt Click here to buy this product from zooplus

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Pooch & Mutt – Slim & Slender - Economy Pack: 2 x 10kg

Pooch & Mutt – Slim & Slender is a premium, grain-free dry food. Formulated to meet the needs of dogs that are overweight, this complete dog food contains a single animal protein source of 45% chicken meat (including 25% freshly prepared chicken), making this food protein-rich and low in fat. Chicken is also a natural source of L-carnitine, which helps the body to burn excess fat. This delicious kibble is also grain-free, making it the ideal choice for dogs with nutritional allergies or intolerances. If your dog is overweight or you are looking to better maintain your dog’s weight, finding the correct food is crucial. Pooch & Mutt - Slim & Slender contains ingredients that help to burn fat and ease digestion, including sweet potato, pea protein and linseed. These high-quality ingredients help your dog to lose weight. Sweet potatoes are naturally rich in digestion-aiding fibre and B-vitamins, which provides gentle aid and support to your dog’s digestive system. This pet food is also rich in both L-carnitine, which helps the body to burn excess fat, and pea protein, which can help to control the production of ghrelin – the hunger stimulating hormone. Probiotics and prebiotics, like linseed, help to relieve the burden on your dog’s digestive tract, promote satiety and help to form firm stools. Pooch & Mutt – Slim & Slender contains the unique Pooch & Mutt supplement – NUTRA-BIONIC. This includes valuable ingredients that help to ease digestive problems, keep your dog’s skin and coat healthy, aid urinary tract health and to reduce unpleasant stool odour. Pooch & Mutt - Slim & Slender at a glance: Complete, premium dry food for overweight dogs 100% grain-free: perfect for dogs with grain allergies Single animal protein source: 45% chicken (of which 25% freshly prepared chicken), which is low in fat and a natural source of L-carnitine L-carnitine: helps to breakdown body fat CLA supplement: helps to support fat metabolism and aid weight management Pea protein: contains amino acids that help to manage ghrelin - the hunger stimulating hormone Sweet potato: containing a high amount of digestive fibre and B-vitamins Brewer’s yeast: helps to support healthy digestion Probiotics and prebiotics: contain plenty of ‘good bacteria’ that help to support healthy digestion Linseed: helps to promote well-formed stools Only Pooch & Mutt foods contain NUTRA-BIONIC: NUTRA-BIONIC is a unique supplement that includes: Glucosamine and chondroitin: help to strengthen joints and support the digestive system Omega 3 & 6, zinc and biotin: help to promote a glossy coat and healthy skin Yucca extract: helps to reduce unpleasant stool odour Cranberry: helps to support a healthy urinary tract Enriched with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants NUTRA-BIONIC is a grain-free supplement: many dogs struggle to digest food that is high in grains. Grains can cause your dog to develop problems with digestion, itchy skin and general sickness. Free from: artificial colours,...

Price at zooplus: £87.99 Buy (Please note: We try hard to keep these prices up to date. Click on the product to visit the zooplus site for the price and to confirm that this product is eligible for shipping to your destination.)

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