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at Bemz UK IKEA - Vimle 3 Seat Section Cover, Tan, Linen - Bemz from Bemz: international shopping

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IKEA - Vimle 3 Seat Section Cover, Tan, Linen - Bemz from Bemz

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About IKEA - Vimle 3 Seat Section Cover, Tan, Linen - Bemz

This cover only fits the IKEA Vimle 3 seater section with removable fabric covers. It includes 8 pieces: 1 back frame cover, 1 front panel cover, 3 seat cushion covers, 3 backrest cushion covers (reversible). The IKEA Vimle series is sectional/modular so the various sections of the seating series can be connected together in different combinations. The configuration is determined by you and Bemz makes covers to fit any configuration you've chosen. The Vimle 3 seat section does not come with armrests as it is an extra unit that allows you to extend the number of seats on your Vimle sectional sofa - between existing armrests. It is not meant as a standalone unit. Remove the original IKEA Vimle cover before fitting the Bemz slipcover. All Bemz cushion covers for Vimle come with zippers and all other pieces are attached with velcro. Assembly required.

from Bemz UK

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Bemz is a global e-commerce company specialising in custom design covers and replacement legs for IKEA furniture. With an emphasis on sustainability and conscious consumption, Bemz’ mission is to extend the life of IKEA furniture in a personalised way.

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