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from Bemz UK  See Discount Offer! IKEA - Tomelilla Low Back Armchair Cover (Small), Silver Grey, Velvet - Bemz from Bemz

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from Bemz UK
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About IKEA - Tomelilla Low Back Armchair Cover (Small), Silver Grey, Velvet - Bemz

This cover includes 2 pieces: 1 frame cover and 1 seat cushion (reversible). It will only fit the IKEA Tomelilla low back armchair measuring 78cm at the back (legs not included) sold from 1994-2002. You have chosen the Tomelilla model that measures 78 cm high at the back.   To check you have chosen the correct size, measure lengths A and B according to the illustration. This will confirm if your armchair requires a Standard or Small size. Begin measuring length A 7 cm below the top of the chair. Standard size: A = Approximately 20 cm , B = Approximately 20 cm Small size: A = Approximately 12 cm , B = Approximately 16 cm Please note! If your model measures somewhere in-between (for example, A measures 12 cm and B measures 20 cm, or A measures 20 cm and B measures 16 cm), please select Standard size.  

Price at Bemz UK: £199.00 from Bemz UK

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Bemz is a global e-commerce company specialising in custom design covers and replacement legs for IKEA furniture. With an emphasis on sustainability and conscious consumption, Bemz’ mission is to extend the life of IKEA furniture in a personalised way.

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