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Dukkah Spice Dip Gift Box from The Dukkah Company

from Not On The High Street  Discount Offer! Dukkah Spice Dip Gift Box from The Dukkah Company
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   Gift box set of 6 delicious Dukkahs. Served with bread & oil, dukkahs are perfect nibbles with evening drinks. An ideal gift for foodie friends and family, dukkah dips are perfect served with evening drinks or as a simple starter. Dukkah is a traditional dish of blended nuts, seeds & spices all ready to serve as a dip. Simply dunk fresh bread into olive oil and then into the dukkah. Bread, oil, dukkah, done! Our set of 6 dukkah blends is presented in a lovely hamper box with magnectic closure & bow. It includes one of each of our hand blended dukkahs: "Dipping Sand" 65g "Hot Sand" 65g "Coastal Dukkah" 65g "Hazelnut Dukkah" 65g "Super Dukkah" 65g "Dessert Dukkah" 65g Dukkahs are made from purely nuts, seeds & spices. "Dipping Sand" - Fine textured, mild & aromatic dukkah. Sesame seeds, almonds & hazelnuts to give a very nutritious base. Cumin, coriander & fennel provde good depth of flavour. A prefect dip with bread & oil or works well as a gluten free coating for chicken goujons or fishcakes. "Hot Sand" - Our chilli dukkah, it's good & it's gently hot! Sesame seeds & almonds with fennel, an extra splash of chilli and well balanced cayenne. Peps up evening drinks & nibbles and adds big flavour to salmon & BBQ meats (add to natural yoghurt for a great marinade for skewered meats). "Coastal Dukkah" - Award winning fresh coastal flavours to awaken your senses. Cornish Seaweeds, Cornish Sea Salt, mint & cayenne give a perfect fresh flavour. Great for seasoning fish or the ideal snack with bread & oil dips after a day on the water. "Hazelnut Dukkah" - Rich nutty texture and lovely paprika warmth. A real classic and perfect for dipping or cooking this dukkah adds a great depth of flavour and richness with hiints of coriander, cumin and plenty of paprikas & cayenne. "Super Dukkah" - Award winning punchy & crunchy dip packed full of seeds. Traditional flavours from thyme, coriander & cumin with plenty of nuts & seeds (pumpkin, sunflower, poppy & sesame) for texture and nutrition. Great for dry toasting & dipping and fantastic sprinkled on to "super salads". A favourite topping for crunch on cauli cheese and an ideal choice for rubbing on a lamb shoulder before slow roasting - pure Moroccan magic! "Dessert Dukkah" - Gently sweet pistachio sprinkle for puddings & breakfasts. Roasted pistachios & hazlenuts that come alive with star anise, Madagascan vanilla, cinnamon & the richness of carob. Perfect dipped with strawberries or srpinkled on to ice cream. Jazz up your favourite crumble or fruit compote, top up breakfast yoghurts, porridge & smoothies (and it's adorable on pan fired French toast/"eggy bread"!). Store in cool dry conditions.

Price at Not On The High Street: £24.95 from Not On The High Street

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