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at Dancewear Solutions Dance Shoes - Bloch Pro Elastic Ballet - Flesh - 5AC - S0621 from Bloch: international shopping

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Dance Shoes - Bloch Pro Elastic Ballet - Flesh - 5AC - S0621 from Bloch

from Dancewear Solutions
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About Dance Shoes - Bloch Pro Elastic Ballet - Flesh - 5AC - S0621

Canvas upper and split suede sole; Elastic band evenly distributes tension and reduces pressure on the Achilles tendon; Triangle stretch canvas arch insert hugs the foot when pointing; Forefoot outsole pad protects the metatarsals; No ridges for comfort and prevention of bruising; Pre-sewn crisscross elastic straps; Imported; Sizes: 2-8.5 Adult, B, C, D (US Sizes)Suggested Fitting: B (Medium/Narrow), C (Medium), D (Wide). Start with 2 sizes smaller than street shoe. Please note: Flesh colorway i

from Dancewear Solutions

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Dancewear Solutions - Dancewear Solutions is a leading site specializing in dancewear and accessories, catering to dancers of all levels and genres. With a wide range of high-quality products, including leotards, tutus, tights, shoes, and accessories, Dancewear Solutions offers stylish and functional options for dancers in the USA, Australia, Canada and New Zealand. With a user-friendly website and exceptional customer service, Dancewear Solutions is a trusted source for dancers seeking top-notch attire that allows them to shine on stage and embrace their passion for dance.

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