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Almo Nature Legend 6 x 70g - Chicken Fillet from Almo Nature Legend Click here to buy this product from zooplus

Almo Nature Legend 6 x 70g - Chicken Filletfrom Almo Nature Legend
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Almo Nature Legend 6 x 70g - Chicken Fillet

Treat your cat to this Almo Nature Legend supplementary wet cat food, available in a variety of different flavour variations, which are all gluten free. There are single-protein varieties as well as flavours which combine two or more different protein types for a distinct flavour sensation. The way that the food is made helps to ensure that it is easy to digest, with an excellent taste. Even the choosiest cats are bound to find a favourite amongst the many varieties available. Almo Nature complementary cat food is entirely natural and full of flavour, without needing to add any artificial ingredients like flavourings, colourings or preservatives. Each flavour of this varied supplementary wet cat food has a high meat or fish content (at least 70%), from food-grade meat. The gentle processing methods used to produce Almo Nature Legend mean that the food is gently cooked in its own stock, which helps to ensure that it retains its natural micro-nutrients and proteins. The result is a nutrient-dense cat food, that meets a cat’s natural nutritional needs. Almo Nature Legend 6 x 70g at a glance: Supplementary cat food for cats of all ages Available in many flavour variations High fresh meat content: with 70% – 75% first-class fresh meat, of food grade quality Natural: gently cooked and preserved in its own broth, to make it very tasty and healthy High nutrient density: gentle production process helps to preserve natural micronutrients Gluten free: also suitable for cats with food intolerances Single protein and multiple protein variants Well accepted: thanks to the high meat content and juicy, species-appropriate and natural recipes No artificial additives Please note: Almo Nature cat food is entirely natural. Every single flavour of Almo Nature wet food (tuna, chicken, salmon etc.) contains its own proportions of vitamins, minerals (e.g. calcium, phosphorus) and taurine. Almo Nature therefore recommends a diet which is based on a variety of different natural foods (red meat, poultry, fish, dry and wet food). The varying nutrient contents of this variety will ensure a balanced diet for your cat. Almo Nature is a supplementary cat food.

Price at zooplus: £4.49 Buy (Please note: We try hard to keep these prices up to date. Click on the product to visit the zooplus site for the price and to confirm that this product is eligible for shipping to your destination.)
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